Rawal Group has the credit of pioneering holistic education in Faridabad and around. In the educational scenario of Faridabad city, Rawal is a name to reckon with.
Riding on the wave of tremendous success, the group has now launched ambitious projects in the higher education sector as well. Success, for the Rawals, is a sustained process, a journey that never ceases, a saga that continues... and moreover a gloriousevery front, there are some few things which we would like to remain the same - our original vision of impar legacy that has to be handed down to generations. As we bring in transformation on almost ting quality education and our stress on the value system.

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4 April 2021

Event Type: E-session

Event Date: 11 February 2021

Speaker: Ms. Dimple

Profession/ Desgination/Organisation: Expert in tally, Aggarwal College, Faridabad

4 April 2021

Event Type: Workshp (E-CLUB)

Event Date: 22 January 2021

Speaker: Ms. Vernika Sapra

Profession/ Desgination/Organisation: Associate Software Engg. In Accetnure

4 April 2021

Event Type: 1) Solo Dance 2)Solo Singing3) Poetry 4) Standup Comedy/ Mimcry

Event Date: 16 December 2020

Speaker: Ms. Nisha Madan

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