Guest Lectures Topic/ Club Date Keynote Speaker Profession/ Designation/Organisation
1 Challenges after Covid-19 in hotel industry 8/14/2020 Mr. Gunjan Pandey Manager of operations firm, Surya Resorts
2 Behavioual approach towards hospitality industry 8/18/2020 Mr. Gurdeep Dutta Assistant Professor, Rawal Institutions
3 Challenges for Industrial training or new staff in service department 8/25/2020 Mr. Jitender Singh Assistant Professor, Sunderdeep College, Gaziabad
4 Opportunity and challenges for hotel management student in other countries 8/26/2020 Mr. DC Vashistha Dean, Sanskriti University
5 HR Practices in Hospitality Industry 9/1/2020 Ms. Sadaf Khan Assistant Professor, Amity University
6 Importance of PD and Communication Skill For hotel Management Student 9/3/2020 Mr. Rajeev Thakur Associate Professor, Subarti University, Meerut
7 Online Searching and learning 9/9/2020 Dr. Neeraj Kaushik Associate Professor & HOD, Business Administration, NIT, Kurukshtra
8 Be a top Notch digital marketing expert 9/11/2020 Mr. Debiparshad Bandopadhay Entrepreneur, former Professor of strategy and marketing
9 Tips and Tricks of interview 9/17/2020 Mr. Kiran Jha Co-founder Bloomme, Consultancy, trainer, creative writer and fashion Consultant
10 Self presentation and ethical learning 9/26/2020 Dr. Neha Tomar Faculty at NIU, Founder of Bloome Consultancy
11 Talk on Importance of implementing ethical practices in business 9/29/2020 Ms. Vidya Managing Partner at Arham promoters
12 Transformation in sales from real world to virtual world 10/8/2020 Mr. Sonaal Malik Technical Sales Manager at Just Analytics, Singapore
13 Effective Interviewing Skill Workshop 1/22/2021 Ms. Vernika Sapra Associate Software Engg. In Accetnure
14 Gateway of Tally-Become an Expert 2/11/2021 Ms. Dimple Expert in tally, Aggarwal College, Faridabad
15 VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition 2/16/2021 Ms. Bijy K Babu Personal Hygiene and nutrition for work
16 Way to build an effective resume 2/12/2021 Mr. Neel Panicker Expert with TIME Schooling
16 Dinning Etiquette 1/18/2021 Dr. Bhawana Syal Associate Professor & HOD, RIM
17 Role of Technology 11/23/2021 Ms. Karishma Sharma Assistant Professor, RIM
18 Let's Talk 3/12/2021 Mr. Tarun Sharma Founder- The Rising (NGO) Tamso Ma Jyotirgamayaa
19 Work Smarter , Not Harder Awareness on time Management 4/19/2021 Dr. Preeti Chawla NorthCap University
20 Virtual Interviews: Tips & Suggestions 4/28/2021 Dr. Nancy Sharma Sunstone Eduversity (Sr. Manager- Corporate Relations
21 Communication for Results 5/5/2021 Dr. I.C Gupta Professor Emertius, Oriental University
22 Effective- Non Verbal Communication 5/5/2021 Dr. Sunaina Bhutani Director, Stellar Personality School
23 The Secret of taking " Quality Decision Every time" 5/17/2021 Mr. Anurag Singh Yadav People Performance Coach NLP Master Practitioner
24 Holistic Health Care During Pandemic 6/2/2021 Dr. Archna Khera Homoeopathic Consultant, Divine Homoeopathic Clinic
25 Scope in Housekeeping Department 6/8/2021 Mr. Austhosh Kumar Sing Executive housekeeper, Ramada Plaza Luknow
26 Overcoming Mental Barriers for Success 6/11/2021 Mr. Raghuvir Singh Vice Chancellor, Teethankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad


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