Chairman's Message

We are living in a world where transformations are inevitable. Most of these changes are positive and resisting them will be an exercise in futility. In many sectors, the watchword has become transform or perish. Thefield of education too is wont to transformations of varying degrees at different levels. People who are engaged in providing educational services should keep on evolving to be in sync with these changes. Or rather, they should position themselves as catalysts of changes.

Since 1994, Rawal Group has been attempting to transform the world through education. The services being rendered by us in segments up to higher secondary have received commendations from different quarters, official and non-official. More than anything else, we value the appreciation and good will of a number of satisfied parents. This is a great source of inspiration for us to execute tasks of greater magnitudes.

Now that we are venturing into professional education segment we have the confidence that we can deliver quality educational services in different disciplines. The faculty, the infrastructure, the facility etc. will be second to none and all these factors together will be decisive in turning the new campus into a centre of excellence in professional education.

Let us together transform the world.

Mr. C.B. Rawal

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