Chairman Message

At Rawal Institutions, we are committed to playing a key role in creating an ambience for the creation of new ideas, knowledge and graduates who will be market leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, we hope to make significant contributions to the development of the country and to the improvement in quality of life of its citizens. We are convinced that in order to achieve this objective, we need to pursue a strategy that fosters creativity, supports interdisciplinary research and education. This will provide the students with an understanding and appreciation, not only of the process of knowledge creation, but also of the process by which technology and knowledge may be used to create wealth as well as achieve social and economic goals.

Since 2008, Rawal Institutions has been attempting to transform the world through education. The services being rendered by us in segments up to undergraduate and post graduate education have received commendations from different quarters, official and non-official. More than anything else, we value the appreciation and good will of a large number of satisfied parents. This is a great source of inspiration for us to execute tasks of greater magnitudes.

Our faculty, infrastructure, facilities etc. is second to none and all these factors together are helping us in moving towards our dream of  turning the campus into a Centre of excellence in professional education.

Let us together transform the world.


Mr. C.B. Rawal